New Tea Pals.

After two weeks in Japan, meeting the great people producing outstanding teas, Yannoko is looking forward to including some new, naturally grown Japanese green teas to our lineup when they come available.  Make sure to sign up to our mailing list for new releases and special offers.

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Uncommonly Good. Tea is the medium, sharing is the experience.

Sourcing directly from smaller tea producers allows us to choose from teas usually reserved for the Japanese market and for you to savour their unique subtleties.

Our aim for 2018 is to discover and offer to you teas that are made as they likely were for generations, before the advent of modern farming, without...

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Green Tea

A modest yet enticing collection of the best of Japan.

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The essence of Japanese tea.

Oolong and Black Tea

The first of the 2018 harvest teas are starting to roll in with the addition of the first of our Dancong oolongs produced by Song Lin and his family in Chaozhou, China.

Japanese Tea Types

You probably have some questions about tea, right?

Tea Ware

Everything you need for preparation of tea,  from simple and functional to finely hand-crafted.

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