Organic Goodness.

Newly arrived single cultivar Okumidori and Sayamakaori matcha to excite your senses.


Single origin at it's finest. Found far into the rugged coastal mountains of the mystical Kii Peninsula. Pure, naturally grown tea under boundless skies.

New Tea Ware.

Everyday Shigaraki ware, vintage chawans crafted by the masters and an owl to keep you company as Autumn rolls in.

Make Room for Balance.

Allow yourself a peaceful moment with the finest Uji grown matcha.

Cooperative Tea.

Collaboration is better for everyone. A day with the Kitamura family has deepened our appreciation for craft-made tea and working together.

Living on Canada's Westcoast, where free spirits and nature lovers find themselves, Yannoko tea is rooted in purity and tradition. We're dedicated to offering the finest craft-made teas, sourced directly from producers in the iconic tea growing regions of the world.

Tea Purists.

A Tea farmer in Uji-shirakawa talks about the future of tea

Uji-Shirakawa Tea

In May of this past year, Yannoko was fortunate enough to visit several tea farms, including the one run by the Kitamura family.  Due to an unusually early spring, most of the harvest was already brought in, but we were still able to see the hand-picking of leaves destined for high grade matcha. Over lunch, Sho spoke about the difficulties small-scale farmers are facing and his efforts to promote single origin tea.  Find Sho Kitamura on Instagram @shosky328 or at and support their work.

Customer Love

Superlative. I recently came back from Taiwan and tasted some of the best oolong teas in the world. And, I was delighted and surprised that this oolong tea from Japan is as good as the best oolong teas from Taiwan if not better! And, it's organic. A double happiness! And, Iain provides warm and caring service.


Can’t wait to try more teas from the site, it’s one of the biggest things I look forward to now! Thanks for being that long distance friend I never knew I needed!

A. Saab

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