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8 Tea Blogs Worth Your While.

8 Tea Blogs Worth Your While.



Tea blogs are great.  In fact, it was the humorous and engaging words from the venerable Hobbes from The Half-Dipper that fuelled my early insatiability for all things tea.  For every tea drinker, enthusiast or unabashed-geek out there, cozied up on the sofa in the evening or intent at the tea table,  there are words (and some great photos, of course) to satisfy the desire for more tea.

How can a simple leaf garner so much attention, provoke so much dialogue and turn some people into something bordering on spiritual devotees? Good question!  

Obviously tea is far more than a simple leaf and a tasty drink.  In the collection of tea related blogs I've put together, most of which I read on a regular basis, hopefully you can begin to get a sense, or further your understanding, of what makes tea so intriguing.  



You won't find flowers and doilies here, just straight up well-researched information about all aspects of tea to help further your tea education,  expand your appreciation of tea culture and to give you some opinions to mull over.

Started in 2009 by Tony Gebely, it 'has evolved over the years to become the leading site on tea knowledge, culture, and news in the United States with dozens of guest authors and tens of thousands of followers on social media. In 2018 World of Tea in conjunction with a number of industry professionals formed the American Specialty Tea

Tony's tea journey began in 2005 during a trip to China and further progressed through subsequent trips.  He is author of the highly informative book "Tea: A User's Guide" available through WOT or The Book Depository.  Definitely worth a read. 

Read more on the website and follow WOT on     



No mincing words here, this blog is all about one of my personal favourites.  The creation of general Japan-ophile, Ricardo Caicedo who is the first Colombian to obtain the certification of Japanese Tea Advisor by the Nihoncha Instructor Association.  

He has compiled a great collection of insightful tea reviews, green tea inspired recipes and articles for the history minded....And he's got some great street cred:

  • Panelist for the Tea Blogger Round Table at World Tea Expo 2016
  • Member of the World Green Tea Association
  • Invited by JETRO for the Uji Press Tour 2016
  • Speaker at the Uji Tea Simposium 2016
  • Listed in Whittard Top 10 Tea Blogs
  • Bamboo certification from NAJTIA (North American Japanese Tea Instructors Association)
  • Tea advisor certification from the Nihoncha Instructor Association
  • Wrote an article for the Ryokucha Tsuushin, a tea magazine in Japan

Read more at and follow at  

If you ever find yourself in Bogota and fancy a great tea experience, get in touch with Ricardo through his tea shop, Kyusu Teas

And be sure to take the free walking tour "The Heroes Tour".      You might find yourself shedding a tear to hear of the suffering Colombia endured.  



What are your two favourite things in the world? That's right..Tea and travel.  Those are Mel Hattie's favourite things too and she does an engaging and visually appealing job at presenting her passion.  

An accomplished 20-something Canadian girl, her travels have taken her across three continents and 15+ countries being an intern in London,  driving across North America, chanting with monks at 3am in Korea and a little volunteering in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She is a self-admitted 'aspiring polyglot' with five languages under her belt and she's a damn fine picture maker too.  If you're looking for well written tea and adventure travel stories while you sip your favourite oolong in the evening or want to know about some tea places to hit up then have a look at her blog.

Read more at or follow her on    




 Another of my longtime favourites.  TChing was created by Michelle Rabin and Sandy Bushberg, two veterans of the health care field, out of their concern for the 'declining state of health in the United States and abroad and the recognition that drinking tea was a simple and effective way to reverse that trend.'

They say 'We at T Ching want people to see that not only can drinking tea improve their health in so many different ways, but can also bring great pleasure and enjoyment to their lives.'

You'll find extensive articles compiled by a collection of great contributors on topics ranging from Community, Health & Wellbeing, History, Interviews, Product Reviews, Recipes, Spirituality, and Tea Education.  

Winners of the 2016 World Tea Awards 'Best Tea Blog'.  TChing will become a reliable tea resource for you.

Read more at and follow at  



"I'm on a mission to show the world just how versatile and wonderful the beverage of tea is."  And she's doing it!

Lu Ann is a self admitted 'teaaholic' and the blogger behind The Cup of Life tea blog.  She's also written a book Tea-spiration: Inspirational Words for Tea Lovers (November 2016).  You can also find her written pieces in The Daily Tea, Fresh Cup Magazine and Happiness+Wellbeing Magazine.

You'll find links to educational pieces, great tea related recipes and tea tasting reviews at and of course you can follow The Cup of Life on  




Tea! This subreddit is for discussion of beverages made from soaking camellia sinensis leaves (or twigs) in water, and, to a lesser extent, herbal infusions, yerba mate, and other tisanes.  

Reddit can be a great source to talk tea with countless other tea-heads.

Check it out at


A collective of tea bloggers aiming to entertain, inform, and help the world to discover tasty new leaves.

Lots of general tea writings to be had at


The Daily Tea offers up recipes, travel, wellness, inspiration and more each and every day online.

Get inspired at








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