About Yannoko

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Who is Yannoko Tea?


Yannoko is a love of Japan.

It is an appreciation of the craftperson's dedication to a traditional art.
It is an expression of gratitude for relationships that cross cultures.
It is a respect for this earth that supports us and the intention to make small choices that help.
It is a collective of tea makers and tea lovers.

Yannoko is tea with purpose.

 ...is to offer you the finest craft-made tea directly from iconic tea regions, through our growing relationships with the people who make it, at a fair price to you and them...
And, maybe convert some coffee drinkers along the way and help them to see the light. :)

 Yannoko is relatively new yet already, it is many people.  It is you and all the others who have decided it's something worth supporting.
It is the tea makers like Dai-san, Kaoru-san and Hiroki-san who have chosen a riskier but more ethical approach to crafting tea by embracing organic cultivation.
It is Hiroyuki-san and Kentaro-san who help find tea ware to highlight our exceptional tea.  And Mitsuaki-san who makes me feel welcome while in Kyoto. And Shinobu-san, Chizuru-san and Shinya-san who welcome me in Nachi.
But if you're wondering who is driving this bus, it's me, Iain Scott, maker of wood things, photo-bug, bird lover, soil nurturer, sky sailor and founder of Yannoko Tea.  If you've read this far...Thanks!  Hope to see you again. In gratitude.