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New Shigaraki ware, Vintage Chawans and an Owl!

New Shigaraki ware, Vintage Chawans and an Owl!

How was your summer?  It seems like record high temperatures were felt in many parts of the world this summer, especially in northern latitudes where summers are meant to be on the temperate side.  On the west coast of Canada, in the province of British Columbia famous for its temperate rainforest, we have had several summers in a row with little or no rain.  The effects of this have been felt by many people from California to Northern BC with forest fires devastating millions of hectares of land, not to mention countless homes lost.

As we move into Autumn with nights becoming cooler and mornings darker and while you tuck into your morning bowl of tea,  let's consider our role in this changing climate and what we can do to lessen our footprint.

We have a number of new tea ware items available now, perfect for some morning contemplation and if you need some company,  maybe Hoohoo will help.


Everyone knows Hygge and certainly the word is everywhere but it describes perfectly the feeling of Shino ware.  Sturdy, earthy and grounding.  The typical milky-white ash/feldspar glaze produces the characteristic suana, or nest holes, often refered to as citrus skin.

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