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Yannoko is Going to Japan.

Yannoko is Going to Japan.

Oh, Spring!

With great anticipation we, in the Northern climates especially, watch the gentle and tentative unfurling of the promise of new life and change.  Change is ever present of course, but is the change from the stillness (and grey clouds) of winter to verdant dynamism of spring perhaps not the sweetest?


An exploration of Japan

 What other country in the world is as evocative as Japan?  Foreigners often describe a country with broad generalizations relating to what the country is known for, what they produce, or what sport they play.  Fish and chips, hockey, chocolate, coffee, football, Swiss army knives.  But when you imagine Japan, what comes to mind?  
 Cherry blossoms, samurai, sumo, Shinto shrines, Buddhist temples, sushi and ramen, geisha, zen, gardens, incredible architecture, ikebana, bowing, public baths, ukiyo-e, countless traditional festivals and of course, our favourite..Tea! 

 Well, on May 1st, arriving right in the middle of Golden Week (oops),  Iain will be heading to YVR to catch a flight to Tokyo and then hopping the Shinkansen to Kyoto for two weeks of exploration of the surrounding area meeting the fine people who produce the teas we love so much.  If you don't already, please follow Yannoko on Facebook and Instagram for updates and beautiful images during his travels.

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Samadoyo Micro teapotOne fuss

Some days you want a simple cup of tea when you don't have time for a full tea session.  An afterwork pick-me-up before making dinner, tea while tucking into a Murakami novel or when the neighbour pops over.  Our new, clean and modern Samadoyo teaware is the answer...Designed in Denmark and made by the experts in China.

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First flush 2018 Dancong Oolong

Huang Xiu Yun is our new pal across the Pacific in Wudong village, Chaozhou, the birthplace of Phoenix Dancong.  Her family has been producing some very fine oolong for the past eighty years and we're very privileged to have four of them on offer now.  

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