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Next pre-order will open in mid-May after first harvest, shincha. Be well! First harvest, shincha, will be underway by the beginning of May and the next pre-order will be open soon after. Be well!





Overstock from the previous pre-order session will be available in limited supply from time to time.
Tea Ware

Tea Ware

 Nihoncha award winning premium Japanese sencha green tea produced by Igeta Seicha tea farm

The Pre-Order Essentials

The early spring pre-order will be available until April 5th (midnight Pacific).  You can expect your order to be in the post by the week of the 20th of April.


"Each batch of completed tea is a once in a lifetime experience.  This is why we want to be thorough"  Igeta Seicha

This sentiment embraces the concept of Ichi-go ichi-e, 一期一会.  Every meeting is a totally unique moment of our lives.  'Living in the moment' as we like to say in the West.

The highest quality is a core value of Igeta Seicha and the reason they oversee every aspect of tea production, from the cultivating healthy soil to final packaging of the finished tea.  Multiple top Nihoncha Awards placings are evidence of this commitment to excellence.  

It was at their tea garden at Mt. Kuroyama, where the humidity, fog and abundant southern sun create truly perfect conditions for tea, that they became the first tea company in Miyazaki Prefecture to earn JAS organic certification.