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Wakoucha Trio
Wakoucha Trio
Wakoucha Trio

Wakoucha Trio


Our Wakoucha Trio is a great starting point for comparing and contrasting taste profiles found in Japanese black tea.  While thoroughly enjoyable on their own, these three teas will reveal the most when prepared side by side in a comparative tasting using our Standard Tasting sets or the Samadoyo Serving cups.

Total net weight 30 grams. (10g of each)


   3g    2 to 3 minutes
  200ml   95℃ (203℉)


Wakoucha Akari is one of several innovative, premium black teas produced by the Matsumoto family. Medium brown, small twisted leaves unfurl once brewed to produce an orange hued, light bodied liquor with mild astringency and sweetness. This is a black tea that tends towards a soft, toasted grain/nut taste and root vegetable sweetness.

Wakoucha Mine Kaori, lit. 'mountain peak aroma', is a cultivar developed in Miyazaki prefecture in 1988 from Yabukita and Unkai. The influence of Unkai's assamica heritage can be detected as a familiar taste profile in this Mine Kaori wakoucha.  Of our four wakoucha from Miyazaki Sabou, the Mine Kaori is most similar to the Yamanami but the dried fruit sweetness and pleasant saliva inducing astringency is more pronounced.  Mine Kaori is a great starting point for those who typically drink Indian black tea and are looking to explore the rare world of Japanese black teas.

Smoked Wakoucha - Whiskey Barrel Oak. Small, fractured dry leaf is fully black with a reddish undertones that show more once infused.  Much of the smokiness gives way to a slight floral pungency, like clove pods and a delicate sweetness reminiscent of roasted peanuts and cold smoked lox.  All these notes seem to compliment each other well and are not bullied by the delicate smokiness.  The liquor is soft, vivid amber in colour and virtually free of bitterness

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