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Samadoyo Micro Pot

$28.00 $14.00

Simplicity satisfies the soul. The clutter and decoration is stripped away to reveal the essence at hand.  The clean, modern aesthetic of glass tea ware seems to embody that simplicity perfectly.  

Samadoyo glass ware has quickly become a favourite around the Yannoko tea tasting table for good reason.  Easy to clean, uncluttered and visually appealing as your morning sencha works its magic.

The Micro Pot is hand-blown from high temperature borosilicate glass, has a capacity of approximately 250ml and is supplied with a food grade stainless steel removable strainer.  Brew your tea in the strainer or, if you like to see the tea leaves as they steep, brew directly in the pot and pour the tea through the strainer into your cup.

Samadoyo is Danish designed and made by the experts in Guangzhou, China.