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Standard Tasting Set

$15.00 $5.00

Whether it be three grades of sencha from the same producer or sencha made from different cultivars, a side by side tasting comparison is an ideal way to learn tea.  Consistency is key though, so use your scale, timer, thermometer and these industry standard tasting sets. And make sure to note your impressions in your tea journal!

Using a scale, measure out equal portions of the teas you want to compare, place in the infuser cup, add appropriate temperature water and start the timer.  The tasting cup will cradle the infuser cup, as shown in the photo, so you can empty each tea quickly.  A set of two or three is all you need for your home tasting sessions.  

Infuser cup: capacity 150ml ◎ diameter 6.5cm ◎ height 9cm

Tasting cup: capacity 200ml ◎ diameter 8.7cm ◎ height 5.5cm