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Goomtee China Spring
Goomtee China Spring
Goomtee China Spring
Goomtee China Spring
Goomtee China Spring

Goomtee China Spring

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If our Jungpana Vintage is a wispy, ephemeral experience then Goomtee China Spring is the tea to ground you with its notes of spring greens and humid forest.  A light floral aspect and astringency balance this moderately priced Darjeeling quite perfectly.

Goomtee is known for producing crisp, complex flavour profiles with floral and vegetal characteristics.  Owing to its proximity to the Mahanadi Darjeeling Railway Station, Goomtee Tea Gardens have become a much visited tea destination.  Gardens, planted mainly with China variety bushes, range from 1000m to 1800m among hills that receive ample rainfall, cool temperatures and alternating sunshine and mist.  Ideal conditions for growing the best teas.


○ Origin:  Darjeeling, West Bengal, India

○ Harvest:  2019 First Flush 

○ Grade:  FTGFOP1

○ Impressions: Fresh spring greens, humid forest, dried apricots, lightly floral.

 Net weight: 50g, 100g or 250g 

 Servings 20, 40 or 100 first infusions


   2.5g     3 - 4minutes
  200ml  85 - 95℃ (185 - 203℉)

Suggested number of infusions - 2 or 3- Decrease time by half for the second infusion then increase time for each successive infusion.

Please read our Tea Brewing Guide for more detailed tea preparation instructions.

Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.