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Kabusecha Nakai
Organic kabusecha from Nakai Seichajo available at Yannoko Tea
Kabusecha Nakai
Kabusecha Nakai
Kabusecha Nakai
Kabusecha Nakai

Kabusecha Nakai

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A period of shading, shorter than that of gyokuro, prior to harvesting helps to retain the amino acid L-theanine resulting in a flavour profile between high quality sencha and gyokuro.  Nakai's kabusecha is moderately steamed with long, loden green needles and some minor fragmentation.  Higher herbaceous and floral notes on the nose and in the mouth are balanced by mild green bean and alfalfa notes.  The slightest bitterness and a lasting sweetness makes for a highly enjoyable tea session.

Grown and produced by the Nakai family,  the current being the eighth generation to carry on the craft and tradition of authentic, loose leaf organic tea.  In 1980 the family returned to the traditional way of farming by abandoning chemical fertilizers and pesticides and instead, let nature do what it has always done...take care of herself.


○ Origin:  Wazuka-cho, Japan

○ Cultivar:  Yabukita

○ Harvest:  First harvest May 

○ Impressions: Clematis, alfalfa, herbaceous, steamed green beans. 

 Net weight: 100g 

 Servings:  25 first infusions using 4g


   4g    60 seconds
  120ml   80℃ (176℉)

 As with most of our teas, this tea can be steeped several times.  Second infusions are usually made with slightly hotter water and about half the time.  Third or fourth infusions require longer times of 90+ seconds.  Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.