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Wakoucha Akari
Wakoucha Akari
Wakoucha Akari
Wakoucha Akari
Wakoucha Akari

Wakoucha Akari

$ 6.90

Wakoucha Akari is one of several innovative, premium black teas produced by the Matsumoto family. Medium brown, small twisted leaves unfurl once brewed to produce an orange hued, light bodied liquor with mild astringency and sweetness. This is a black tea that tends towards a soft, toasted grain/nut taste and root vegetable sweetness.

Matsumoto-san and family still produce tea on the Makinohara plateau where their ancestors began, about eighty years ago during the Edo period.  They continue to this day to use the traditional chagusaba, or tea-grass farming method, to nourish the soil and grow superior tea plants.  Chagusaba, a UN recognized agricultural system, are semi-natural grasslands, interspersed between tea fields, that help maintain biodiversity and endangered habitats.


○ Origin:  Makinohara, Shizuoka, Japan

○ Cultivar:  Yabukita

○ Harvest:  First harvest May 

○ Impressions: Sweet potato, carob, toasted walnut

 Net weight: 40g

 Servings:  13 first infusions using 3g


   3g    2 to 3 minutes
  200ml   95℃ (203℉)

As with most of our teas, this tea can be steeped several times.  Second infusions are usually for about 2 minutes.  Third or fourth infusions require longer times of 3 to 4 minutes.  Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.