Our Story

Tea for Life

Simplicity, Fulfillment, Connection

 Tea is a rather simple drink, yet when the human element is added it is transformed into something fulfilling and connecting.

 Tea is woven into many cultures, setting the rhythm and shaping the day.  Inevitably, it brings people together to share the joys and challenges of life.  It is a warm embrace of optimism, a reminder of the hard work that went into it, a moment of gratitude and a feeling of community in a world that is in need of a return to basics.

 Yannoko was conceived from the simple love for tea, the pleasure of discovery and the heartfelt desire to spread this love of tea to others by introducing them to the joys of sharing natural, delicious teas.


Yannoko Tea's Mission

Natural, quality, healthy, fair

 We are dedicated to providing the finest craft-made teas sourced direct from origin to support tea artisans and promote healthy living, all at a fair price.

Who is Yannoko Tea?

Hard work, community, joy, magic

Hi, I’m Iain and I’m the founder of Yannoko Tea.

 I started Yannoko because of the chilly, wet winters in my home, the Pacific Northwest. Like the artisans behind our teas, I spent many years as a craftsperson by trade, working in the elements even in the harshest of conditions. All along, tea was my companion. It was ever-present, always giving, so simple and so natural… It supported me through hard work just as easily as it guided me into closer connection and a sense of community with anyone I sat down and drank a few cups alongside.

 Eventually, I couldn’t keep my joy around tea limited to my community anymore. I decided to source teas from origin, getting to know craftspeople on the other side of the world in the process, and to share these teas back home through community events and the magic of the Internet. Thus, Yannoko was born.

In gratitude,


Image of Iain Scott, founder of Yannoko Tea

Yannoko TeaGuarantee

Service, Harmony, Gratitude

 We believe in the tea we sell and in being of service to anyone who seeks harmony and community through tea. That’s why we offer the Yannoko TeaGuarantee.

 In general, our customers adore our tea, but we get that not every brew suits every person. If you're not completely satisfied with the quality of the tea you receive from Yannoko Tea, then please return it for an in-store credit you can use toward new tea or tea ware of your choice.

 If you want to return an item, simply contact us within thirty days of receiving your order.  We’ll send you your in-store credit within three days. We’re grateful to you for giving us the opportunity to share our collection of teas with you.


  Yannoko TeaLeaves Rewards Program

 Simple, collectable freebies

 Yannoko TeaLeaves are a great way to turn your purchases into tea savings and it’s as simple as creating your own personal account when you place your first order.

 Just by signing up, you'll receive a bonus of 100 TeaLeaves. Then, for every dollar you spend, you'll receive another Yannoko TeaLeaf.

 Collect 500 TeaLeaves and redeem them for $10 towards a purchase, or collect more for even more savings: 1000 TeaLeaves is good for $20 off and 2500 TeaLeaves will pay for an entire $50 order!

 Since we like to celebrate the simple pleasures in life, we’ll send you even more TeaLeaves for your birthday. Each year, we thank you for being you and for drinking tea by giving you 200 TeaLeaves to brighten your birthday. 

 And if you refer a friend who makes a purchase over $40, you'll receive a coupon for $10 towards your next purchase and your friend can take $5 off theirs.

 It’s one of the ways we enjoy giving back to you for supporting our business. Thanks for choosing Yannoko Tea!