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Chawan Sugiura

$167.00 $66.00

An original Setoyaki chawan crafted by celebrated potter Yoshiki Sugiura (1915-1982).  After two years of study under Kawamura Kitaro in Kyoto then Hiratobashi, he moved to Seto and studied under the famous potter Rosanjin.  His work was displayed at the Nitten and Japan Fine Arts Exhibition often.  

The artist's signature is on the base of the bowl and on the original kiri-bako presentation box.

diameter 11.6cm ◎ height 7.2cm

CARING FOR YOUR TEA WARE :  All craft-made ceramic and porcelain tea ware should be treated with more care than you would your daily dinnerware, which can stand the abuse of dishwashers and aggressive detergents.  Make it a habit to rinse with fresh water and dry your tea ware immediately after use.  Avoid letting tea remain in your cups or bowls for extended periods as more porous glazes and even porcelain will allow stains to develop.  Our Samadoyo pieces are made from tough borosilicate glass and will stand being cleaned in the dishwasher.