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Oolong Nakai Organic


 Japanese oolong is a rare tea indeed, so we were thrilled to find one of such high quality and grown organically in balance with nature. 

 Oolong Nakai is a blend of June harvested cultivars with medium to heavy oxidation and a mineral taste reminiscent of a Taiwanese Wuyi oolong.  The chocolate brown curled leaf and stem pieces emit a scent of cedar, roasted nut and stone fruit.  The resulting golden orange infusion reveals notes of roasted chestnut, dried apricot and oak wood.  A light, saliva inducing astringency balanced by a satisfying malty sweetness and an invigorating chaqi makes for an ideal cool weather tea.

Grown and produced by the Nakai family,  the current being the eighth generation to carry on the craft and tradition of authentic, loose leaf organic tea.  In 1980 the family returned to the traditional way of farming by abandoning chemical fertilizers and pesticides and instead, let nature do what it has always done...take care of herself.


○ Origin:  Wazuka, Japan

○ Cultivar:  Mixed cultivars

○ Harvest:  2nd harvest June 

○ Impressions:  Roasted chestnut, stone fruit, mineral

 Net weight: 40g 

 Servings:  13 first infusions using 3g


   3g    60 seconds
  120ml   95℃ (203℉)

Suggested number of infusions - 3 or 4 - Decrease time by half for the second infusion then increase time for each successive infusion.

Please read our Tea Brewing Guide for more detailed tea preparation instructions.

Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.