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Wakoucha Koshun Organic

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 Koshûn is another green tea cultivar that very rarely will be found processed as black tea, with varying results.  Despite being a second harvest tea, Miyazaki-san has skillfully teased out the characteristic spicy, floral aromas through a full oxidation of the mix of large and small of leaves and occasional twig.  First impressions of the dry leaf on the nose are of cinnamon and even pumpkin pie, followed by dried flower and tart fruit scent.  The soft, velvety liquor coats the mouth enticing you to down it in one go and finishes with a short bite that reminds of sorrel.  A truly enjoyable tea.

 Gokase is the premier region for the relatively rare, pan roasted green tea, kamairicha. It’s here, tucked in mountainous highlands of NW Miyazaki prefecture that Akira-san and family craft multi-award winning, JAS organic kamairicha, sannenbancha and black tea. 

 Miyazaki Sabou’s tea fields are found at a relatively higher altitude, around 650m, and, although located closer towards the tropical belt,  summer evenings are cooler and winters are cold.  This contrast hardens the plants, concentrating their essence much the same as harder conditions can enhance the flavour of wine grapes.


○ Origin:  Gokase, Miyazaki, Japan

○ Cultivar:  Koshûn

○ Harvest:  Second harvest June 

○ Impressions: Cinnamon, dried peony, persimmon, plum

 Net weight: 40g

 Servings 13 first infusions using 3g


   3g    2 to 3 minutes
  200ml   98℃ (208℉)

Suggested number of infusions - 3 or 4 - Decrease time by half for the second infusion then increase time for each successive infusion.

Please read our Tea Brewing Guide for more detailed tea preparation instructions.

Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.