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Wakoucha Sora

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Very forgiving with a light astringency. Low floral notes combine with a woodsy aspect, reminicent of Nootka rose, and finish with a lasting sweetness on the tongue. Very enjoyable when cooled. 

The rugged coastal mountains of the Kumano district offer ideal tea cultivation conditions, far from the polluted air of developed urban areas.  Fresh sea winds promote healthy growth while the cool nights, contrasting with strong sunny days, stress the plants and develop complexitiy of character.  Though not certified, Oizumi-san relies on the balance of nature and natural composting to grow premium organic tea.

The Colombian Japanese Tea Advisor, Ricardo Caicedo has some words to say about Dokodemosora's wakoucha on his tea blog


○ Origin: Shimowada, Wakayama-ken, Japan

○ Cultivar:  mainly Yabukita

○ Harvest:  Second harvest July

○ ImpressionsRose, woodsy, forgiving astringency, lasting sweetness.

 Net weight: 40g 

 Servings:  13 first infusions using 3g


   3g    2 to 3 minutes
  200ml   98℃ (208℉)

 As with most of our teas, this tea can be steeped several times.  Second infusions are usually for about 2 minutes.  Third or fourth infusions require longer times of 3 to 4 minutes.  Please remember, these are guidelines to get you started and you may find your preference is to adjust them.